A Winnipeg woman is releasing her first published book, Unlocking Your Destiny and Finding Purpose, while sharing her heart behind it. 

"I wrote it during the pandemic, a little bit before and trekked through in this time of lockdown, to have it published as such a time as this," says Maria Bobiles. 

There are eight chapters inside Unlocking Your Destiny and Finding Purpose.

"They're rooted in the week of creation. The book is designed to walk us through deliverance into a place of promise and purpose. The intention is to reveal who God created us to be," she says.

It wasn't too long ago Bobiles found her hope in Christian faith for the first time.

"I've been walking with the Lord, I came to Christ in 2012. It's like the story of Mary Magdalen, I feel like, but not exactly. Jesus met me in a place of darkness. I had been separated from my husband and I felt at that moment, everything I dreamed my life would be, it wasn't. It was the complete opposite."

In one of the hardest times of her life, Bobiles found her hope and faith in Jesus. 

"I will never forget who Jesus is, my first and only love since then. He's been calling me to a place. From then on my world changed."

The people in Bobiles life thought she wasn't thinking clearly, while she says she took each step by faith.

"I asked the Lord to show me who I am, why am I here, why am I still breathing. Just by that question, that cry for help and guidance, unlocked a faith I never knew I had. Each step in seeking Him, to walk towards a place of restoration has everything to do with my ministry to women."

After doing some soul searching, Bobiles started a women's ministry and life coaching business called From the Heart with Love. To accompany her new book, she is offering a Facebook Group challenge from July 24-29.

"I created a free 5-day challenge, the Dare to Dream Challenge to introduce people to the concept of my book. The book contains activities, exercises to help you reflect. Sometimes a place of unknown is scary, especially when it comes to destiny and purpose." 

Right now Bobiles is taking pre-orders on her book via her website, and it will be released on August 6, 2021.