Amy Joy Hess' childhood was anything but normal. She grew up in a home with eight children from four different fathers. Most of them died at some point, except for Hess' father. 

Despite all of this, Amy grew up knowing God.  

"My mom had all these problems and basically, I felt like God was the one who raised me, who took care of me, who gave me direction and picked me up when I fell down," said Hess.

She says she experienced many miracles throughout her life. 

"There was one time when I wanted God to talk to me, but he wouldn't. It was very frustrating," Hess explained. "One day, at a church I had never been to before. I was in their gym shooting baskets and crying because I wanted God to talk to me so badly."

At this point, Amy says a man she had never met walked in with his family and walked over to her. He hugged her and said, 'Jesus loves you. Jesus loves you.'

Moments like these continued throughout her life, and now Amy is sharing her story and others through writing. Her most recent project is Gun Shot Witness: The Tim Remington Story.

On March 6, 2016, Pastor Tim Remington was shot six times at close range. After being shot, Tim survived blood loss, multiple surgeries, a saddle clot, an infection, and a stroke. He made an incredible recovery, which only spurred his belief that God still works miracles.

"I had never heard of Tim. The shooting took place right down the road from me, " said Amy. "We went to a mutual friend's funeral, and they got up to talk about our mutual friend, and he kept joking about being shot, and I thought, who gets shot and then jokes about it, right?"

Amy, who had been writing for a ministry for decades, was asked by the ministry to help write his story. 

"They put me and Tim together and eventually took their hands off it all together."

Not only does Amy share Tim's story in the book, but the miracle stories of a few of the people who overcame their hardships with the help of Tim's church.

"God can do anything through anybody. God really does listen to prayers, and I think it's important for people to know God is on our side. He wants us to have victory. He wants us to break free. God is still there for us. If God is for us, who can be against us?"

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