While young teen moms can often be scared and alone, they are finding connection and support through a Winnipeg ministry. 

Shela attends the Young Parents Program at YFC Winnipeg and has for the past four months. 

"For me, it was kind of overwhelming because I don't have friends," says Shela. "It helped me know who I am and my culture. It helped me to know who is really around me and be around for me and Adrian."

Young Parents is a place for pregnant and parenting young people (ages 15-25) to be part of a supportive community.

"Judy is a driver in the program. Growing up I didn't have that mother figure in my life. My mom abandoned me and my sisters, seven of them. So having Judy in my life, it's just very special to me and means so much to me. She understands me, being a boy mom."

This YFC program offers a Tuesday evening group for young moms to connect with each other, cook, and share a meal together, all the while having their children watched so they can have a break. 

"We're reading the book of Esther together. She's so brave and kind. The reason I think she is so brave is because these men are trying to get at her, and she's just saying 'nope, nope, nope,' and she's kind of like me." 

Every Thursday they offer something called Before and After Baby Care. They cover heart issues including postpartum, the depression that can come with it, and connections so they aren't as isolated. 

"Everyone's telling me different things about God and I don't know what to believe, but it's still the same. God loves everyone and He loves me. I need that reassurance all the time."

The program offers a community for parental connection as well as the children to play together. 

"At first he was overwhelmed because He's only ever had his cousin around him. So being around other babies for him, it's been really good for him to make friends, be around them and play. He's been more loud and bossy which is funny. I'm thinking about getting Adrian dedicated to Jesus. I really want Adrian to know God and be curious, chase after Him, and have a friendship with Him."

Each young parent is also paired with a volunteer mentor from YFC whom they can connect with throughout the week for encouragement and practical support.  

"Other moms should come, have a break, come sit down, eat, relax, and hear what Debbie says about God. They're here for you when you need somebody. I feel like this program has been helping me come out of my shell more, and Adrian too. I'm happy to know that it's helping him too. It's helped me with my postpartum depression."

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