The lead guitarist of Skillet is getting a little less sleep these days after welcoming a new baby. 

Seth Morrison and his wife Hilary are thrilled to bring home a baby daughter after having difficulty with conceiving over a number of years. 

"We are so happy to announce the birth of our daughter, June Morrison!" says Morrison on Instagram. "Weighing 8Ibs, 2oz and 20” long, we couldn’t be more excited about the new addition to our family!"

Since 2011 Morrison has been the lead guitarist in the Christian heavy rock band Skillet with singer John Cooper at the helm. 


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"God has given and entrusted us this child to shepherd and we couldn’t be more thankful."

During an interview, Morrison opened up about their difficulties. 

"We had been trying to conceive for close to 2 years and had begun the next steps to uncover potential causes of infertility. We planned for Hilary to have exploratory laparoscopic surgery in January. Obviously, something like this is personal, and we are generally private people by nature so we hadn’t shared this struggle with anyone."

He says that as time went on, Morrison opened up his heart to the Skillet band members, as well as the couple's church, and found themselves covered in prayer. 

"Although I often prayed for answers and healing, and that God would fulfill the desire for a child, I also prayed specifically for full satisfaction and contentment in Him, whether that was in His plan for us or not," says Morrison's wife, Hilary. "I wanted to be expectant of God’s blessing but not just ‘waiting’ for fulfillment. During this time, Korey poured into me and reminded me about Hannah (Samuel’s mom)—how she had a great situation with a husband who loved her, but despite it all she wouldn’t be content until God blessed her. I read Hannah’s prayer in 1 Samuel 2 repeatedly."

The couple recounted their story of answered prayers when last November Hilary found out she was expecting. 

"We were visiting my family in Ohio and Hilary got a positive pregnancy the morning after Thanksgiving," Morrison says. "We love sharing this journey of God’s goodness and faithfulness and hope it touches someone who reads it. We can rest and know His timing and plan is always perfect. June is the sweetest gift—she has brought so much joy to our lives and is a constant reminder of the power in prayer."