A month after letting fans know that their fourth child was born stillborn, Alexa PenaVega is sharing an update on how the family is doing. 

"First off, we're doing well. We're actually doing really well considering everything," PenaVega said on Instagram. "We have been so thankful reading all your messages of support. All the prayers you have prayed, we have felt them. Let me tell you, I don't know how else we would've gotten through this season without you lifting us up in prayer."

While PenaVega has never experienced grief like this, she said, "It's been really incredible to see how God has moved through our family. We have obviously felt a lot of pain, but also a lot of peace. God has really met us between pain and peace. It doesn't make sense other than it's His supernatural peace."


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"This season, I have learned so much about pain with purpose. Losing Indy was very hard, and right after losing her, my health declined a lot. Nobody could figure out what was wrong and it was a very hard season. I don't think I've ever surrendered in this way to God in my life," PenaVega said. "You think, God I'm going to surrender, but until you get to this point, you don't even realize the type of surrender you're capable of."    

The comment section was flooded with others sharing their support and encouragement. "Oh wow... thank you so much for this. It's so encouraging to know you are feeling our prayers and His peace that surpasses understanding. Thank you for that idea of "pain with purpose." So much beauty in hearing of Indy's incredible impact. And with this video, her life has become a true blessing to us all. Holding your family in my prayers, my beautiful friend!"

Another comment read, "Your words ... my son was stillborn this past November and I felt every word you just said. When you’re rooted and grounded in the Lord, He gives a peace that doesn’t make sense. He gives comfort that doesn’t make sense. It’s incredibly painful, we just hit the 6-month mark this week and it’s still so painful. We miss our Everett so much but his life had and still has so much purpose that I believe we haven’t even seen yet and I believe that for you as well! Continuing to pray for you and your family."

The Spy Kids actress shares three other children with Big Time Rush actor, Carlos PenaVega. Ocean, 7, Kingston, 4, and Rio, 2.