Arvid Loewen battled unseasonably cold temperatures, consistently heavy winds, mass amounts of rain, and even some golf ball sized hail in an attempt to set the world record for cycling 10,000 km.

After 5,500 kms, Loewen recognized that despite an incredibly strong start to the ride, the bad weather had hindered him so much that  setting the world record would not be possible. He was not disappionted though. He was quick to insist that the whole point of the attempt was to raise awareness and funds for Mully Children's Family and due to the press coverage and overwhelming public support he received that goal was certainly achieved.

Loewen's story was captured last year when he teamed up with his son and published author Paul Loewen. The book "When Quitting Is Not An Option" is available for purchase through their website at

Update on Mully Children's Family

Last April unusually heavy rain caused massive flooding of Mully's property, caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage, and devastated their ability to produce their own food. With 2300 children to feed MCF was facing a huge problem.

However since that setback in April, everything has been rebuilt and MCF continues to grow strong. A new children's book about Charles Mully is due out in fall. The illustrations of that book will be up for viewing at the Mennonite Heritage Gallery at CMU for a couple of days in September.


Image used with permission from Arvid Loewen.


Arvid and his wife Ruth. Image used with permission from Arvid Loewen.