For the fourth time this winter the entire Perimeter Highway is among a long list of highway closures.

A blizzard impacting much of southern Manitoba has caused poor winter driving conditions for the second day in a row. 

The RCMP has closed a number of highways in the region. As of 12:10 p.m. the following highways are closed:

  • Highway 100, from Highway 1 East to Highway 1 West
  • Highway 101, from Highway 1 West to Highway 1 East
  • Highway 3, from Morden to Highway 21
  • Highway 21, from Highway 3 to the US Border
  • Highway 23, from Highway 3 to Highway 5
  • Highway 1, westbound lanes, from Headingley to Portage la Prairie

Callers to the radio station have reported deteriorating conditions throughout the morning. Several people have reported near-zero visibility on other highways that are still open, including Highway 2 south of Winnipeg. Travel is not recommended throughout much of southern Manitoba on other highways that remain open.

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The RCMP is reminding the public that police or barricades may not always be present to indicate highways closures. You can check the A-Z Electronics Road Reports & Cancellations page and listen to the radio station for the latest details on closures.

Police remind the public that a closed highway means travel is not allowed for any reason. There is a potential for charges under the Highway Traffic Act for a fine of $203. Also, emergency vehicles may not be able to reach you if help is needed.