Midway into his second term, Winnipeg's mayor says he will not be running in the 2022 election.

Mayor Brian Bowman says that he will not be seeking re-election after this term. 

"In my view, Manitoba has far too many career politicians. I won’t be one of them," he says in a statement.

Bowman says he is honoured to be Winnipeg's 44th mayor and will continue his term.

"I want to be open with Winnipeggers about my personal plans for the future, plans that do not include a career in elected office, plans that do not include running again for re-election as Mayor."

He says for the next two years he will be focusing on "building a community we can all be proud to call home."

"For each and every day over the next two years I’ll continue to work with the energy and commitment expected of our city’s leader, and in the best interests of our residents rather than the best interests of re-election."

Bowman says he hopes the next mayor chosen has the "integrity and work ethic" required for the Office of the Mayor.

"We have some big issues affecting our community right now and over the coming years. In particular, helping our community weather the storm during the pandemic will remain my top priority. And, as this storm passes, we will once again better focus on building our city for a million people strong."

Bowman says he wants city officials to focus on the needs of Winnipeg's community as well as the needs of the next generation.

"When we near the end of this term, and my time in public office, we can all better reflect on how our city has moved forward and the challenges ahead. But that time is not today. For there’s much more work to do today and over the next two years.”

Bowman was first elected in 2014 and was re-elected in 2018.