A UK worship leader says he was brought back to life by a defibrillator and the "power of prayer" after he collapsed at a trampoline park.

Christopher Wickland from Fareham, England has returned to preaching after falling suddenly ill. 

Premier Christian says he suffered from a cardiac arrest in late December while playing with his wife and three children.

Wickland was sent to a Southampton hospital where he lay in a coma. 

"My wife put it out onto the prayer network and our churches and it hit social media and just went out everywhere. So lots of other churches picked it up and started praying. For the next several days we had like literally hundreds of Christians all over the world and churches praying for us," Wickland tells Premier Christian.

When Wickland woke up, he suffered no brain damage. His family attributes that to people around the world who prayed for his recovery.

Wickland has since returned to preaching at his church in Fareham.