Life Culture Canada is once again hosting their annual Manitoba Walk for Life to show support for the value of life.

The Walk for Life will take place on Sunday, June 4 at K.R. Barkman Park in Steinbach and will include a barbecue at 1 p.m., speeches and, of course, a walk.

"It's not meant to be a political protest or anything like that," says Susan Penner, Executive Director, Life Culture. "It's more just like-minded people, people who support the value of life, coming together."

Penner also says that this year they are encouraging people to bring a baby item to implement support for moms who could use some extra help.

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The most urgent item moms need is diapers, they are expensive and a daily need and some moms can't afford to have a constant supply, but that doesn't exclude other items from being just as useful as well.

There will be three speakers at the Walk for Life; Melanie Reimer, who is the founder of Selah Place; Judith Vasquez, who was diagnosed with rheumatoid and lupus arthritis and was encouraged to abort when she was pregnant but chose to see the pregnancy through; and Candace Loewen, who leads Angel Baby.

"We have some signs available if people want to grab a sign, or people could make a sign and bring one. We really want it to be a positive and supportive event, we don't want any signs or pictures that are too graphic or harmful like that. That's not the intention of this walk. We want it to be a celebration of life."

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family posing at walk for life (Susan Penner)(Provided by Susan Penner)