Luci Swindoll, author, and speaker with Women of Faith passed away from COVID-19 recently, leaving her younger brother and well-known pastor, Chuck to mourn.

"To all who have reached out regarding my sister, Luci, and her passing on Tuesday, October 20, thank you. Your kindness means so much to our family," says Chuck Swindoll.

Chuck is not only the senior pastor-teacher of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas, he has also been heard around the world on radio air-waves with his program on Insight for Living

Chuck Swindoll(Pastor Chuck Swindoll/Facebook)

After spending 30 years working at an oil company, Luci switched to working in ministry. She was one of the lead speakers with Women of Faith, a group that toured around the USA doing speaking conferences for women for 19 years.

She was also a proud single woman her whole life and has written multiple books on the subject, including I Married Adventure

Luci passed away after contracting the coronavirus at the age of 88.

Rather than having a big funeral for Luci during this pandemic, the Swindoll family has decided to do something a little different.

"We plan to have a very special 'Celebration of Life' in Luci’s honor in 2021 after the pandemic has ended and safe travel is restored," says Chuck. "We’ve made the decision to postpone until then so that all those she touched and ministered to will have the opportunity to attend and celebrate her ongoing influence in their lives."

As many things are still up in the air, including people's travel plans for the future, no date has yet been solidified. 

"The date for that special service has not yet been determined, but once it is, we will announce it publicly so all can join us."

Chuck shares his heartfelt thoughts for his only sister.

"Admittedly, my sister and I were very close, I loved her deeply, and I grieve her death," he says. 

In his grief, Chuck shares his hope to see his sister again one day in heaven.

"But I am comforted, knowing that she is now relieved of all earthly trials and struggles. Relief softens the harsh blows of grief."

Luci was so filled with life and laughter, while sharing the good news about God's grace rather than a legalistic religion, as was evident from her many interviews and speeches.

"All the Swindolls thank you for your caring words of compassion and your ongoing prayers of support," says Chuck.