A new emergency system being installed on all City of Winnipeg Transit buses will alert both the control centre and people passing by of an emergency. 

Winnipeggers could be seeing the exterior signs on buses bus reading new messages: “Emergency Call 911” and “Do Not Board Bus". The City of Winnipeg wants people to follow those instructions.

"The new system will allow operators to alert members of the public outside the bus and the Transit Control Centre at the same time, that emergency responders are needed," the City of Winnipeg says in a statement.

The buses will all have this new capability by Wednesday. This addition cost the city $9,100 to develop and install.

“This investment represents the latest in a series of transit safety initiatives assisted by collaboration with the Transit Advisory Committee, continuing to demonstrate our commitment to a safe, pleasant, and effective public transportation system,” Chairperson of the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure, Renewal and Public Works Matt Allard says in the statement.

Winnipeg Transit buses have recently seen more than their fair share of dangerous situations. Last week, a man allegedly became aggravated with how the operator was driving and threatened them, unwilling to leave the bus. People using bus shelters are also experiencing higher levels of violence.

The city says in the past five years they have taken steps to increase safety on buses, including training to recognize people who are under the influence of methamphetamine, installing safety shields, and other measures.