The DC Talk boys are back together after 22 years to sing collectively once more. 

"So I called two of my lifetime friends," says TobyMac on Instagram. "Guys I climbed a mountain with, a mountain called DC Talk."

After leaving DC Talk Michael Tait went on to become the lead singer of Newsboys, taking over for Peter Furler in 2009. Kevin Max, the other band member released indie rock music in 2020 during the pandemic. 


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"I called Michael and Kevin and asked them to be on a special song about relationships called 'Space.'"

Tait commented on the post with his enthusiastic yes. 

"ANNNNNNNND of Course I/we obliged our Bestie Tobymac! Trust Me when I Say……I MISS DCTALK as much as Our loyal Supporters Do!"

TobyMac is releasing a new album called Life After Death on August 19, at which time the single 'Space' will be available. 

"They are two of the best vocalists I have ever recorded," says TobyMac. "I've always said that and I mean it."