On Friday TobyMac released a new single 'Everything About You' featuring his daughter on vocals. 

TobyMac and his wife Amanda McKeehan are parents to five children. Their oldest, Truett, passed away from an accidental overdose on October 23, 2019, in their home in Tennessee. 

TobyMac's upcoming album has many songs on it regarding his oldest son's passing, including this new single talking about what they miss about Truett. 

The single starts off with Marlee's smooth voice in the opening verses. 

"I’m SO proud of my girl! It was VERY special to write and record together. And Mar crushed this song vocally…..crushed it!" says TobyMac on Instagram.

The first single on the new album Life After Death was released at the beginning of June. The single 'The Goodness' features fellow Christian singer Blessing Offer. 

Marlee is the only girl in the McKeehan family other than her mom.

"My daughter, my only baby girl, my Marlee, I got to do a song with her on this new record. It will forever be one of my favourite moments on any record, any time," says dad TobyMac on Instagram.


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