Brentwood Baptist Church in Tennessee filled with people coming together to celebrate the life of Mandisa. 

Mandisa was born on October 2, 1976, in Citrus Heights, California, and passed away in her home in Nashville on April 18, 2024. 

Hundreds showed up to the funeral in Brentwood Saturday morning as well as over 11,500 people live-streamed the service online. 

"Mandisa lived her life in song," said Dennie Marshall, Mandia's cousin. "On behalf of her entire family and that includes me, let me say thank you for the outpouring of love we've all received since her untimely and unexpected passing."

Beth Moore on stage during Mandisa's funeral.Beth Moore on stage during Mandisa's funeral. (Screenshot:Brentwood Baptist/YouTube)

Mandisa's cousins came on stage to say words about her life, as well as read passages from the Bible.

"We were all beneficiaries of her gratitude towards you [God]," shared Travis Cottrell, the worship pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church. 

There was a special performance put on by the Fisk Jubilee singers alumni from Fisk University, the group Mandisa was a part of during her time in college. 

"Not only did we hit the stage together, we served the Lord together," said Mandisa's college roommate during the service. "Her voice echoes in my head. But it was her impeccable tenacious spirit for the Lord that demonstrated her anointing. Disa was an opus. We miss you, love, and thank you for sharing as long as you did."

Well-known Christian speaker and author Beth Moore took to the stage to share about Mandisa's impact in her own life.

"Whatever she did she did it with every molecule she had," says Moore. "Mandisa had an impact on an audience that no one I have ever seen. She was simply sublime, utterly mezmerising. She loved Jesus in a way that made everyone around her love Him. We witnessed her worship when no one was looking."

Franklin police have ruled out any foul play in Mandisa's death, but they have not released the cause of her death.

"You know what makes many of us in this room have a throw-down fit? That the Lord Jesus reserved the right to be the only one with Mandisa when she took her last breath of this terrestrial air," says Moore. "I want you to know that Mandisa knew how to be alone with Jesus. He took those shackles off her feet she she could dance."

Mandisa's father, John Hundley ended the service by sharing on stage. 

"I'm not a detective, but I've spoken to the detectives," said Hundley. "I've been in Mandisa's home since last Saturday night. It will take about three weeks before they can give a report. Here's what I think happened. Mandisa fell down in her bedroom. They found her on the floor. She did not harm herself."