A local health care professional is sharing some simple tips to help keep people from injuring themselves while shovelling. 

"Many times, especially after the holidays, a lot of people have been laying around," says Dr. Trevor Clark at Connect Chiropractic. "Then we get these heavy snowfalls and people go out and shovel snow, and people end up straining or injuring their back."

Lifting heavy piles of snow can cause mild strain on the lower back, or something as serious as disc bulge and herniation, according to Dr. Clark.

"The most simple thing that people can do is think of themselves as a plow instead of a loader. What you want to do is get that shovel down on the driveway and plow that snow right to the end. If you have to do a little bit of lifting to get it up onto the snowbanks, especially right now, then you want to bend your knees with your back straight, and then lift straight forward."

The most vulnerable position to potentially hurt people's lower back is when they are bending and twisting. Taking care of the snow in increments can also help people from an injury. 

"If you can stay on it [as it's snowing], shovelling multiple times a day is better. A lot of people make the mistake of, well it's still snowing so I'm just going to wait. Then there's a lot of snow and that much more you have to move. The potential for straining your neck, back, or shoulder is that much greater."

People in the Winnipeg area that are in need of consultation or adjusting can check out the team at Connect Chiropractic. Dr. Clark has been a chiropractor for over 20 years.