Last year For King & Country released one Christmas song, their version of 'Little Drummer Boy', which inspired their entire brand-new holiday album.

A Drummer Boy Christmas is available as of October 30, 2020, and has 13 tracks.

In a Facebook post, the band shared their excitement for the new release. 

"With this as the backdrop, coupled with all we face socially, politically and ethically across the globe, we felt it was the imperfectly perfect time for us to do our small part in telling the story of the redemption that Jesus’ birth offers to you, and to me."

While For King & Country has done Christmas tours, this is their first Christmas album.

"So bake those chocolate chip cookies, make a little hot chocolate, strike up that cozy fire, and let us take you on a 44 minute and 49 second musical Christmas journey to celebrate the greatest story the world has ever known," posted For King & Country.

The album contains a good combination of classic tunes to some interesting originals, like 'The Carol of Joseph (I Believe In You)'. The song expands on the thoughts that may very well have run through Joseph's head as he witnessed the birth of his son, Jesus, who was also the Saviour of the world. 

The band of two brothers, Luke and Joel Smallbone, also collaborated with Bear from NeedtoBreathe for their rendition of 'O Come, O Come Emmanuel'.

A Drummer Boy Christmas album(For King & Country/Facebook)