A former Victoria's Secret model who gave up her career to follow Jesus has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. 

About a week ago, Nicole Weider took to social media to ask for prayer after discovering a large lump under her left breast. 

"I thought it would be nothing, maybe just a cyst or a piece of fatty tissue under my armpit," said Weider. "The doctor felt it and looked at it and told me it was serious enough to get a CT scan and have images determined by a radiologist."

She says she felt worried as she waited for the results, but she continued to tell herself to trust in God.

"Only five minutes later, the doctor came back with not good news from the results from the radiology appointment."

It was discovered that she had stage 4 breast cancer. She says it started under her left breast before spreading to her armpit and then her liver.

"Unfortunately, [the doctor] said when younger people get it, it’s usually more aggressive since it’s less common," said Nicole. "I’m staying positive and always trusting God."


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Weider says although this diagnosis is a tough one, it has opened her eyes to allow her to start seeing things from God's point of view, especially when it comes to how things have unfolded in her life. 

"For instance, I'm so happy I didn't make a big career in Hollywood, and I see why now- because if I did, I probably wouldn't be married for 12 years with two kids. I wouldn't have built my whole life centred on Jesus and creating the Christian ministry Project Inspired for young women," Nicole explained. "Now, because of that, I have an army of people praying for me."

This week, Nicole will meet with her oncologist to see what specific type of breast cancer it is and the treatment plan moving forward.

"Thank you for praying for me. I feel it! God is helping me stay positive and peaceful. I really couldn’t have done anything to prevent this. I was feeling so healthy the past while. But God has me, and so do your prayers!"