Just over 40 kids will have a special Christmas this year, thanks to the generosity of Winnipeggers.

Connie Bazin who works as a paramedic in the city, said she was inspired to start up her own charity called Tags for Tots, after hearing about a similar project in New York.


"Tags for Tots is a new charity that we started just over two weeks ago, where children in Winnipeg get to write their Christmas wish on a little tag. The tag goes on our Christmas tree that we have set up at Fire/Paramedic Station 11. From there, generous donors from the city come and pick up a tag, buy the gift, wrap it, and then return it to the fire hall."

Within two days of spreading the word via Facebook, Bazin said she had 40 potential donors, that number eventually grew to 46. She got in contact with a couple of schools and before she knew it, she had Christmas wishes pouring in from a number of kids.

"We have been getting requests such as, ski pants, because they share with all their siblings and they'd like their own pair, or a backpack because their house burnt down and they don't have one now. A bunch of kids asked for fresh fruit, or snacks, because they wanted something to eat at school and home. One child asked for a pillow , while another asked for a blanket."

She says they also asked for socks, hats, mitts, runners, winter jackets and sweaters.

All of the tags have been picked up and fulfilled. They will be hand deliver the gifts just in time for Christmas.

Bazin says they plan to continue the project again next year, with hopes of quadrupling their numbers.