A Canadian pop icon is releasing a string of gospel music tracks for the first time, including adding prayers for fans.

Justin Bieber, an outspoken Christain, is sharing new music with his fans. This is his first official gospel EP. He did not do any promotions before releasing his latest work. This comes on the cusp of "JUSTICE", a secular album with nods to his faith.

Not a typical gospel album, the artist's music has a hip hop and pop feel.

His album "Freedom" was released as he celebrated surrounded by family and friends Sunday.

"Wow! That is insane," Bieber says after seeing his music go live in a video. The singer laughs, saying "I can't even believe it. It feels so good."


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Bieber says "God is so good. He's the greatest."

Behind the camera, a man is heard saying "You started this on Thursday, and on Sunday we have got another project out." The singer explains that as he was putting out his new album, someone mentioned Easter was coming up. He then decided to put out music for Easter.

In his song We're In This Together, he says "I pray for every single person listening to this song right now. I pray for peace. I pray for joy. I pray for confidence. I pray for reassurance. I thank you so much for the person listening to this right now. I pray that you would bless them. Bless their mind. Bless their finances. Bless their family."

Continuing to pray, Bieber says "God, I just pray for an overwhelming sense of your presence in their home right now. An overwhelming sense of your peace that says everything is going to be alright. In the name of Jesus."

The five other songs feature other artist collaborations.

The album also features Tori Kelly and Maverick City Music's Chandler Moore. Churchchrome pastor Judah Smith is heard praying on the track with the trio, praying "it will be alright."

Many fans have commented on Twitter, saying the music brought them to tears. The singer is set to go on tour in the United States this summer.