A group of four men from South Korea is taking the internet by storm, sharing videos of them singing God's goodness in their carpool gospel jams. 

The group is called Korean Soul. While originally the members are from South Korea, they have made their way over to the USA, moving to Nashville, Tennessee at the end of June this year.

In 2018 the group's video was featured briefly on the Steve Harvey show. 

On September 9, they performed at Brentwood Baptist Church, in Tennessee.

The group was also on the latest single by Bebe Winans called 'Laughter', who originally wanted Boyz II Men on it. After Winans heard a clip of Korean Soul from a friend, he was "blown away".

Korean Soul covers 'What He's Done for Me' while driving in a car. Posted six months ago, the video on YouTube has been seen half a million times already.