Winnipeg music teacher and singer Heidi Korte is releasing her first book as she hopes to inspire creative people to push past their doubts and fears. 

Korte's book is titled On the Edge of Greatness: Removing Mental Blocks that Kill Creativity.

"I believe the Lord asked me to write it," says Korte. "In 2020 a church leader said, 'Heidi, it's time to write your book.' I had never considered myself to be an author."

Growing up in Ontario, Korte moved to Winnipeg to teach music. 

"I, as a music teacher, deal a lot with the obstacles of the mind and I think God sends me the students that need the mind rearranging because that's my niche."

The singer recalls feeling defeated many times herself, talking from experience in her book. 

"I wasted an entire university degree. No one ever taught me how to deal with comparison. When I went to school, everyone could hear you in the practice rooms. When it came time for me to go into the practice room, I would sit there and at the end of the hour I left without a sound having been made."

Korte helps her students overcome their fears but she hopes to bring those skills to a much wider audience with her book. 

"Eighty per cent of success in the arts is success in the mind."