While one of his music videos may be igniting over a million viewers, Jordan St. Cyr is quietly celebrating with his family.

Arriving just over a week ago, Jordan St. Cyr is back home in Niverville, Manitoba, while on a break from touring with Jeremy Camp. The musician may be isolating in Manitoba, but fans across the world are connecting with him online with his song, 'Fires.'

"I never knew what I had when I finished this song," St. Cyr says. "God and His perfect timing put all the pieces together and then it really is out of your control."

Released on January 26, St. Cyr's video has well over 1 million views on YouTube. The song's lyric video has 1.39 million views as of Tuesday afternoon -- that's more views than people living in his home province. He says he has been watching the views "go up and up and up" in the past months.

For St. Cyr, the views mean more than only eyes on the screen; it means people are connecting with the message.

"Everybody has a story, everybody has a unique experience in this life, the good and the bad, We have this shared experience of making this choice whether to walk through this knowing that God is with us or not."

He says people are telling him they are lifting their eyes to God, finding Him more present in their lives than before they faced their own fires.

While a star on stage, St. Cyr's role of dad and husband are taking the front seat while at home. When he left on tour, he said his wife was "holding down the fort with four little crazy humans" but now at home, St. Cyr has been spending time with his family.

"Being home with my wife and my kids is just an amazing blessing."

 St. Cyr returns to the stage on August 28 in Maryland.