Blessing Offor shares a range of emotions starting the new year as he is releasing his debut full-length album called My Tribe today, just days after his sister passed away in Nigeria.

"I miss my sister," says the legally blind singer. "I miss my family. It’s hard right now. It’s been too long. Yet I’m so grateful for all of you, for everything happening in my life. Funny how oftentimes the mind has to hold 2 contradictory feelings at once… Life is tragedy and comedy, broken and beautiful.

Offor immigrated to the United States from Nigeria when he was six years old. His sister Mercy passed away on December 29, 2022, back in Nigeria. 


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"I talked with my dad the other day and he reminded me that no prayer ever goes unanswered. He said that sometimes God answers our prayers in the negative, but it’s an answer all the same. He told me this with raw grief in his heart."

One of Offor's first released singles from the new album was 'Brighter Days.'

"God is still good, but I can’t be out here telling you about brighter days if I’m not willing to tell you about the moments when it feels like my screams don’t make a sound."

Two weeks after his sister died Offor is releasing his debut album with 16 tracks on it. A few songs include an ode to his heritage in Africa.

"What was missing was a little fingerprint of Nigeria, of my own journey," says Offor in an interview with Billboard. "When I said I wanted to put that on my record, my team was very supportive, though I think we joked about how hard it would be to find whoever owns publishing on a song recorded in Nigeria in the ‘70s."

First Full-length Album

"My Tribe is not just a song I wrote, it’s not just a song on a coke commercial, it’s not just all the people that have supported me through the years," says Offor on Instagram. "I’m so proud to announce that My Tribe is the name of my first full-length record."

Offor has been featured alongside many other Christian artists, including TobyMac on his single 'The Goodness' which is on its 11th week in the number one spot on the Billboard charts. He was also featured on Chris Tomlin's 'Tin Roof,' among other collaborations.

Offor made waves and received a nomination for New Artist of the Year for the 2022 GMA Dove Awards. At the live event, Offor performed 'The Goodness' on stage with TobyMac. 

"The road to this moment has been long. It’s been full of a lot of doubt, but even more faith. And this is the culmination. I’m grateful."

The album's title track, 'My Tribe,' has groovy beats front to back. 

"If you sit through this whole song, and your body doesn’t wiggle at least a little bit, are you actually alive?!!"

The Christian artist will be celebrating his new album tonight in Nashville, Tennessee before heading on tour with Zach Williams in March.