Mac Powell is headed north for a tour across Western Canada that starts in Winnipeg. 

"It's rare for me to get to go to Canada so I'm super excited about coming back," says Powell. "I always have a great time out there. You guys have a beautiful country. The fans and friends there are great."

Powell shares that on top of meeting fans, he enjoys going to the Canadian staple, Tim Hortons. 

"I always love going up there and getting a donut and coffee."

Fellow Christian artist Mandisa passed away unexpectedly on April 18 and Powell walks about the loss it's been. 

"She was an amazing singer, one of the greatest I've ever had the honour of sharing a stage with," says Powell. "But even beyond that just an amazing heart with a kindness and a love for Jesus and God's people. She is definitely going to be missed."

A few days before Mandisa's passing, Gabe Patillo of Diverse City, touring with TobyMac, passed away from cancer. 


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"We celebrated the life of my friend Gabriel Patillo yesterday. He passed away at the age of 42 and was an amazing man of God. I was in Atlanta, Georgia, so to drive up to Nashville and see so many friends that I've known for a long time, it was a great time together."

Powell will begin his Acoustic Nights of Hits, Stories, and Faith tour in Winnipeg on May 22 at Calvary Temple. Tickets are being sold here

"It's a great night to be able to play some old songs and great memories from those days, but also play some new songs. I'm working on a couple of things that I haven't played anywhere else before. I love gathering together with like-minded believers and people of faith, and celebrate what God has done in our lives."