A worship leader at Springs Church in Winnipeg is releasing her fourth single, this one on identity, in early September. 

Carine Bado worked in collaboration with Manitoba artist Jaylene Johnson to co-write this new single, available on September 4, 2020.

This song is the first on an EP Bado hopes to release soon. This will be Bado's first recorded album. 

"The first song is called "Perfectly Made". It is affirming our identity, how God sees us as humans. It's empowering people and affirming their identity in Jesus."

When it comes to identity, Bado says that "It is a current matter that people of colour are facing."

She says the song is "God telling us 'I've made you for so much more. I want you to be free, I want you to shine'."

Bado released three singles over the past year, including "You Lead Me" based on Psalm 23. 

"I can see there has been a positive return and engagement from my audience so I feel like it's the right time for me to release a full EP."

At Springs, Bado has sung in the choir, then the vocal team, and now she leads worship in other locations for the church.

"I have a heart for worship. It's a tool to encourage people and bring people into God's presence. It is a ministry for me. It's been a journey of using the word of God in a musical and lyrical way to reach out and spread the life that Jesus came to give us," says Bado.

While there is no final date set as to when the EP will drop, Bado says she hopes to have all the songs on it recorded by February 2021.