Grace Olarinde is a gospel and inspirational singer-songwriter from Winnipeg who is using the hardships she's faced to give glory to God for always getting her through it.

Olarinde grew up in Nigeria where she met her husband and had four daughters. She's always had a passion for singing and participates in her church choir.

Before moving to Canada, Olarinde found herself extremely ill, to the point where she thought she wouldn't make it. She begged her husband to take care of their children if she passed.

Eventually, she overcame the illness but unfortunately, about 10 years ago she lost her husband and she struggled to care for her children, including affording their education and having more opportunities by moving to Canada.

But God was there for her in her time of struggle and there was always a way provided for her to get out of those slumps. And it is these struggles that inspired Olarinde to write music of her own as a way of giving glory to God for helping her.

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The local singer recently released two songs, "Lord, We Thank You" and "Lead Me On."

"'Lord We Thank You' is a song that is a means for us to thank God, to be grateful for all that He has done for us," says Olarinde. "Just thinking back of all God has done, I want to show a lot of gratitude for all that He's done; for his love, for his mercy, for friends, for family, for all the beautiful things He has created."

Olarinde's second single, "Lead Me On," comes from her willingness to trust God during past hardships and to guide her through future struggles.

"At one point in time in our life, we face circumstances that we might think God has forgotten us or even think that 'I should hate my life,' but even when we think that, God is there for us. God can hold us through all these circumstances and bring us out of them."

Olarinde hopes that sharing her testimony of how God lifted her up through her lowest times, it will inspire people to believe that God is looking out for them too. Even when all feels lost and praying seems to not work, trust that God is there beside his people guiding them along the path He laid out for them.

Listen to Grace Olarinde's music by visiting her Bandcamp profile.