For only one day, 7-Eleven stores across Canada are allowing customers to pay whatever they want for a large Slurpee where proceeds go towards Food Banks Canada.

On September 14, as soon as the clock struck midnight last night, 7-Eleven's Name Your Price Day began and it goes until 11:59 p.m. tonight.

"We're so excited to bring back the annual Slurpee Name Your Price Day for the ninth year," says Cheryl Magnuson, market manager of Team 7-Eleven Canada. "It's an excellent opportunity. Our customers can choose what they pay for a large Slurpee and at the same time, that donation makes a difference in our community through the local food banks."

Magnuson shares that there are exclusive flavours to honour the annual event, such as Crush Cactus Catapult, Fanta Dragon Fruit, Blueberry Yuzu Lemonade and Frog Water. Fan favourites will also be available like Coca-Cola, Crush Orange and newly returned Mountain Dew Blue Shock. Customers who present the 7Rewards app at the checkout can earn 7Reward points as well.

"It's especially important to support Food Banks Canada," says Magnuson when asked why 7-Eleven chose to support the organization. "I'm not sure if you know, but we the need for food banks has increased 20 per cent over 2019, and in March of 2021 they actually people used food banks 1.3 million times. So there were 1.3 million visits and children make up one-third of that number. That pains my heart, so I think this is a great cause."

7-Eleven's Name Your Price Day helps change the lives of people in Winnipeg's neighbourhoods.

"We absolutely have a lot of fun with it in the stores and within our teams and the communities are very supportive of it. Anything we do locally from around our stores, in our neighbourhoods, we absolutely love donating and making sure that we're taking care of each community time and time again. This is just one of the specific days we do, but we do a lot of different things for each community around our stores, but this one really drives it home and really helps feed those children."

For anyone wanting to buy a large Slurpee at any price, click here to find the nearest 7-Eleven store.