After a painful divorce and several years of healing, Proverbs 31 Ministries president, best-selling author, and speaker Lysa TerKeurst is celebrating love again.

"I want to invite you in to share a new chapter in my life," said TerKeurst in a post on Instagram. "In January of 2023, I met Chaz. And as the pages kept turning last year, we knew what we’d found in each other was love. A beautiful love that requires work like love always does. But a togetherness that is safe, honest, fun, funny and surrendered to the sacred way God tells us to love and care for each other."

The pair got engaged last fall, and last week, they were married in a private ceremony in France.


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"As soon as we were announced husband and wife, some fun music started playing. I invited our kids and grandkids to join in as we all danced in the gently falling snow," said TerKeurst. "I felt God’s kindness. I saw His provision. I let tears of pure joy fall freely. I tucked a mental picture of those moments in my heart… and turned the next page not knowing what all the days to come will hold but thankful we can face it together."

This marriage comes two years after Lysa filed for divorce from her then-husband, Art, after almost three decades of marriage. 

"Though I sometimes still feel pricks of pain over some really hard stuff in the past, I’m so grateful I didn’t stay stuck trying to make things happen my way and in my timing. In my stubbornness, I thought I knew what was best. It was God’s grace all those times He told me “no.”

She says God helped her learn to lean on him in the midst of her biggest disappointments. 

"He helped me fight battles that are still going on, not with one great big miraculous intervention, but instead with daily provisions and assurances. And though we will face unkindness and unfaithfulness in people, hope is not lost because God is kind. God is faithful."