Over 100 people are dead and over 600 injured with 300 still in hospital after a large explosion on Sunday in the city of Bata (in the continental region of Equatorial Guinea). The explosion has impacted a number of churches and ministries.

“We have never gone through a situation like this. We are fearful and very worried, but we rest in the Lord”

The blast happened in the military headquarters of Nkoatama. According to Guinea’s President, the explosion happened because of the “negligence of the unity in charge of caring for the dynamite and explosives deposit,” Teodoro Obiang says in a statement read on television.

“The shock waves from the explosions caused great damage to almost all buildings in Bata”, he adds.

Smoke rises  in the distance over a tropical landscapeThe explosion happened in a warehouse of the military forces. (UEBE)

Victims among evangelical churches

“Among the deaths, there would be a pastor of the Baptist church” the UEBE (Evangelical Baptists Union of Spain) says. The UEBE is a church denomination that has strong ties with Equatorial Guinea.

One of the buildings affected by the shock waves was the Baptist Church of Bata, which lost the roof of its facilities. UEBE also says that several church members would have lost relatives and have been injured or experienced damages in their housing.

One of the Baptist missionaries in Equatorial Guinea, Marta Nombela, says “the situation is very critical, but thank God the neighbourhood where the house of our mission is was not as affected as others.”

“We have never gone through a situation like this. We are fearful and very worried, but we rest in the Lord,” says another young Christian in Bata.

Christian works on the ground

The department of Social Work of UEBE opened a bank account for those who want to support financially. “Let’s continue to pray for Bata and for so many families that have been affected,” the denomination says.

The Christian NGO +QSalud (More than just Health) also has a long experience working in Bata, where they train medicine students. In a message shared on social media, the group explained: “Some of our closest co-workers have lost their home and everything they had. We have organised a fundraising to help the victims,” they add.


This story originally appeared at Evangelical Focus and is republished here with permission.