Canada's own, Jordan St. Cyr, is gearing up to release a new album next month. 

The Tennessee resident shared in an email My Foundation is set to be released on June 14. 

"It comes on the heels of a really hard season and one that I now rejoice in for all gifts that were given through it," St. Cyr said. "This album is my testimony. It is a statement of faith declaring who my life is built on."

St. Cyr shares that the main theme of the project is, "a life built on Christ and the fruit that comes from it. Unearned salvation, peace within disaster, a way where there doesn’t seem to be one. The offerings of Christ are so significant I couldn’t imagine a life without Him in it."

The album features 'Rescue', as well as ten brand-new tracks. 

You can pre-save My Foundation here.