A random act of kindness by a police officer, twin shoeboxes, and time to remember this week were reminders of peace and joy in the world.

Police officer shops for groceries with alleged shoplifter in act of kindness

When a Calgary police officer responded to a call about a Safeway shoplifter, bystanders expected an arrest, not grocery shopping.

A Twitter account that shares content from Alberta shared two direct messages it received earlier this week with regards to a police incident at a Safeway in Calgary.

"I just came out of Safeway on 11 (Avenue) where they called the police on someone who was shoplifting," the message starts.

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PRAISE: Community stepping up for boy with stolen arm

A single-mom is beyond thankful after some generous Winnipeggers stepped forward to help out after her sons prosthetic arm was taken.

"On Tuesday I accidentally left my kids prosthetic arm in the car. Somebody went through my car and took some stuff including a bag with the arm inside of it," says Lyra de Fatima.

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Bucket-list shoebox trip shows power of prayer

A Winnipeg family of five saw first hand the power of praying over a shoebox when they distributed boxes in Costa Rica together.

Lori Bettig has been involved with Operation Christmas Child for decades, from packing shoeboxes as a family each year, to becoming project leader at her church, Grant Memorial, in Winnipeg. 

"As a family, we've always been super excited about the potential for these small boxes filled with love to travel to different places in the world to land in the hands of a very special child," she says.

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Painted poppy rocks keep veterans and their sacrifices alive

A Winnipeg woman has found a unique way to remember veterans and their sacrifices this Remembrance Day.

Julie Mungall has spent the past couple of months painting intricate poppies on rocks and placing them around the city for others to enjoy.

This isn't the first time that Mungall has done this, but this year is extra special with all Remembrance Day ceremonies being forced to go virtual.

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'We remember them' at home

17 Wing's chaplain says that the "where" in remembering veterans is not as important as the "why."

Major Kevin Olive, also known as Padre Olive, is 17 Wing's chaplain. He says every member of the Canadian Armed Forces must serve at a Remembrance Day service, but this year will be different.

"Remember to pray that people would feel God's presence, feel hope, and also we have to remember that there are those who perished in war, but there are those who still suffer today from the scars of war."

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A $50 wedding leads to 70 years of marriage

A couple from Winnipeg, both 90-years-old this year, are sharing their wisdom for a long, and mostly happy, marriage.

Earl and Grace Smith have lived in Manitoba, mostly in Winnipeg, their entire married life. 

"It doesn't seem that long. We've had some bad days but I call it a journey of love, with many ups and downs. But love never fails," says Earl.

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Expert shares tips on staying mentally healthy in light of red restrictions

As level red restrictions mean less human interaction, one expert is sharing advice on staying mentally healthy during this time.

More and more people are experiencing negative emotions throughout this pandemic time, especially since the restriction level elevated to red in the Winnipeg Metro area and now Southern Health as of November 9.

"We're going to be spending more time in the context of a single person or a few people," says Sean Miller, who works with people who battle mental illness daily.

"Certainly, that means that the environment is conducive to feelings of being alone, of fear of the unknown. There's a lot of panic and anxiety around COVID."

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Remembering those lost inspires local woman to sing

A Winnipeg musician and worship leader is sharing her song that combines peace and prayer over those we remember on November 11.

"Looking at Remembrance Day with COVID, we need to hear that. Peace this Remembrance Day and every day with the uncertainties with COVID," says Barbara Joy.

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'God's will be done, blessed is the name of the Lord': letters between parents after son killed in action

In World War I, William (Bill) May of Millwood, Manitoba, fought in the Battle of Vimy Ridge. In World War II he served in Manitoba at CFB Shilo, while two of his sons and a son-in-law fought overseas. On February 8, 1945, one of his sons, Harold, was killed in action in Holland.

Below are letters written from Bill to his wife Grace, showing not only the grief and regrets they experienced as parents but also the hope they clung to through faith.

"He practically did as the Bible says, 'Greater love hath no man, than this that he lay down his life for his friend.'"

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Twin brothers find identical joy from shoeboxes

One woman has seen God show up in specific ways to kids all around the world, through a shoebox filled with everyday items.

"There was this boy sitting right near the teacher's desk and he was the life of the party. He opened his shoebox and he got a Marvel comics hat and even though it was miles too big on him, he loved it."

As the teacher was trying to finish a lesson, this little boy continued to yell over the class to a boy in the back. The teacher wouldn't let him go speak to his friend, so they waited.

"Finally she relented and let the boy come up to the front. I had never seen so much joy over a hat that didn't fit."

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Six small things you can do today to make a big environmental impact

Planet Pantry offers small steps that anyone could take to lessen their environmental footprint.

Their tips include bamboo toothbrushes, reusable shopping bags, reusable cutlery, cups, spoons, and more.

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Jordan St.Cyr's 'Fires' ignites Christian label deal

Jordan St.Cyr is joining other well-known artists like Tasha Layton and David Dunn on a US-based label.

"A couple of years ago, my manager, Rebecca Jones, and I started pursuing labels and we had some labels pursue us. We started that relationship."

At that time, nothing came out of that process for St.Cyr, even though a few labels showed some interest. 

"We wanted to put out a new record with a new label partnership and that didn't materialize. I just got to the point where, 'that's it, I just need to put out new music'."

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Once Katy Perry's backup vocalist now singing songs that minister

"When we entered this writing session, my husband, who is a music producer, and I were coming out of a season of deep hurt. We had walked through a difficult time in our marriage," Tasha Layton says.

"And, we wanted to write music that could help people."

Layton released her first Christian album Love Running Wild in 2019. Before this she had tried out on American Idol and had also toured with Katy Perry for four years as one of her back-up vocalists. 

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