A ministry leader from Winnipeg is releasing an updated version of his children's Christmas song. 

The Christmas single from singer/songwriter Kelly Wiens is called 'It's Time to Sing.' It was produced in collaboration with Winnipeg's Christian rapper, Fresh IE.

"He is a wise man," says Wiens when it comes to working with Fresh IE. "He's a great guy. I really loved working with him yesterday. Fellowship together was awesome."

Wiens originally wrote the song 18 years ago.

"I was the worship overseer of my church, Hope Fellowship in Saskatoon at the time, and it just inspired me to write a kids Christmas song just before Christmas."

Wiens grew up in Beechy, Saskatchewan on a grain farm. He and his family were very in the Mennonite Brethren Church.

"My wife says I think we need to go to Winnipeg for a season to prepare for ministry. I really began to hear the Lord speak to my spirit, saying 2020 in the fall. You gotta be in Winnipeg by September 20."

He and his wife live in the North End, in residence at the church (Winnipeg Centre Vineyard) where his wife is now Director of Youth and Children's ministry. They have six kids, most of them grown and two grandsons. Kelly also works in conjunction with Paul Winter at Living Word Temple on Manitoba Ave. 

"Then the pandemic hit and I'm like, whoa, and it was a great time for us as a family. Actually, it really bonded us being isolated at home and a really creative time. Like I was writing spontaneous songs."

Anyone interested can listen to the song on Wiens' website