Visa and Mastercard have terminated the use of their cards on Pornhub after an investigation into the site's activities.

A campaign rallying against Pornhub has announced that an investigation by the two multinational financial services into the rape of trafficking of men, women, and children confirmed the presence of illegal content on the site.

Trafficking Hub is a non-religious and non-partisan campaign dedicated to holding Pornhub accountable for its mass profits made off of women and children. It is facilitated by Exodus Cry, an organization committed to the abolishment of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

In a release, Trafficking Hub called it "another monumental win for our global #Traffickinghub movement."

Visa and Mastercard announced they would be launching independent investigations into Pornhub after the New York Times published "The Children of Pornhub," an investigative piece by Nicholas Kristof informed by Laila Mickelwait, founder of the Traffickinghub movement.

Pressure from investor Bill Ackman also encouraged the financial services to conduct investigations.

The release of Kristof's article and pressure from Visa and Mastercard's investigations led to Pornhub announcing changes to their business model, including the removal of their download button and restrictions on which users can upload videos to the website.

The site still does not have effective age or consent verification, however, for its 13 million uploaded videos, Trafficking Hub asserts.

Following the investigations, Visa and Mastercard confirmed the presence of criminal videos on Pornhub and each announced they would be removing their services from the website.