Feeling overwhelmed with life's circumstances, Carine Bado wrote her new single about choosing to lay her burdens down at God's feet.

"I wrote 'At Your Feet' a year and a half ago," says Bado. "I had it in mind to release the song as a single last year in November. The new variant just changed all the plans of everyone. I thought in mind, okay, maybe God has other plans for this song."

'At Your Feet' was initially released on February 18, 2022, and it is the second single released on her upcoming EP Found & Crowned

"Entering 2022 with that heaviness, I felt in my heart that I think it makes sense to release this song now. I entered this year very tired and exhausted, like the lyrics of this song. I'm very happy to see that the lyrics are uplifting so many people right now."

Bado's first EP will be released sometime in spring and all the songs on it were written out of a hurting place. 

"This whole EP is born out of my experience dealing with grief and divorce. When I wrote this song I was really struggling with my mental health and that was prior to the pandemic. It was very difficult for me to function because of that situation."


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Although the song was written from a personal experience, the feelings that Bado felt then are common with how many after two years of the pandemic. 

As a single mom, Bado is thrilled to have some benefactors as well as some grant money from the government to make this EP a reality.