They say laughter is the best medicine.

Timmy Boyle has been doing comedy professionally for over 15 years. Although he says, "It found me," getting to bring a smile to other people is the reason that he loves doing it. 

"I can tell you this quite honestly. Giving the gift of laughter, which I think is a tremendous gift that needs to be given. That's why I do this. I'm driven by giving the opportunity," Boyle continued.

He went on to say "I've always been somebody who has enjoyed making people laugh. I was always the center of the room. My mom would tell you I was the most annoying person growing up because I always had to be on all the time. That I was the type of kid that would fall down the stairs to entertain people as they would come to my house, just to show them what I could do." 

Timmy, along with Joey ILO and Christian McCartney are coming to Manitoba in February when The Datenight Tour comes to Steinbach, Winnipeg, and Winkler

While the night is called Datenight and geared towards couples, Boyle shares that anybody is welcome to come. 

"I know there are two people that are going that are just friends that are looking for a night out and neither of them had a date, but  they're going out together to enjoy a night of comedy."

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