Local Christian artist Carine Bado is releasing a new, powerful single called 'Second Chances.'

"It's a very personal [song]," says Bado. "It's a reflection of God's amazing grace and personally, my experience of that amazing grace and redemption. It was a way for me to thank God for everything He has done, and what the cross really means to me."

Bado will be releasing her six-song EP later this year. 

"Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves, dealing with a lot of guilt and shame. I really want people to know that it only gets better with God."

Bado is a single mother who went through hardships, causing her to doubt her purpose. 

"What I've been through stole so much from me. I used to feel down like nothing will ever be the same. This song is a reminder to say that those are lies. I want people to be reminded that there's still a beautiful future ahead."

Part of the inspiration for the single comes out of the Bible in the story of the prodigal son. 

"There is that part where he says, I will go back to my father and just ask him to work in the field. I just want to be a servant, not even go back and become the heir. When he gets there, the father says, 'No. I am putting you in high places and you are sitting by me.' That's the message of 'Second Chances.'"

One of Bado's biggest inspirations in the CCM world is singer, Tasha Cobbs Leonard. 

"She has that Motown, blues, country, gospel tone. Sometimes she will take a contemporary song but she will make it so different. It's one of those experiences where I knew what I wanted to talk about in the song. After the melody came out like that, I kept saying to people, 'You need to take me to Nashville.'"