Jordan Feliz's latest hit, "Glorify," just hit the number one spot this week on Billboard.

The Dove award winner topped the Billboard Christian Hot AC/CHR National Airplay Chart with his multiformat hit song, the Christian Beat reports.

It's Feliz's third time in the number one position.

"Glorify" is the first single off the artist's third full-length album, Say It, set to release next month. The song features a full gospel choir, a soaring chorus of praise and a strong beat.

Listeners will hear a blend of pop, gospel, and soul in the track, which features some of Feliz's most transparent lyrics.

"'Glorify' means 'praise and worship,'" says Feliz, "but the sub context of the word actually is to acknowledge and reveal the majesty and splendor of God by one's actions.

"For me, coming out of this hard season of anxiety and stress and messed-up priorities, now all I want my life to do is glorify. I want it to reveal the majesty of God by my actions."

After Feliz's second LP, FUTURE, was released in 2018, Feliz went through a difficult personal time. His blessings began to feel more like burdens and Feliz experienced his first panic attack around the time he and his wife had their second child.

This most recent album, he says, has been his chance to realign his priorities.

Songs on the album reveal this. "Glorify" speaks as more of a proclaimation, where other tracks like "Wounds" show more of Feliz working through his past negative experiences.

Say It has come from Feliz's renewed sense of identity and purpose.

"I’ve worked harder for this record than I’ve worked for almost anything in my life," Feliz says.

"With these songs, I want to encourage people to talk more about the beauty and the miracles that God does in our lives when we invite Him into our struggles…this record is all about what God has done in my life."