Arvid Loewen is excitedly receiving the official Guinness World Record for the longest distance cycled in a month, all to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

Loewen cycled 11,617.99 km during the month of July in 2020 and seven months later he received confirmation that he is indeed the record holder.

"Yesterday I got the email from Guinness that the data we had collected during the month of July when I attempted to ride the farthest distance cycled in one month by a male, they approved it."

The process to get this verified took almost 7 months and up until now, he's been saying the 'unofficial' record holder.

"It feels good. It's part of my identity now, so it's nice that they verified it."

A few months ago, Loewen's previous Guinness World Record of fastest cycle across Canada was taken from him when someone broke his record. He shares how sad his grandsons were when they found out for a short period of time that he didn't hold the GWR title. 

"Yesterday Ruth and I had our first Zoom meeting with our 11 grandchildren and we were able to share with them that we are now again official Guinness World Record holders, and they were pretty excited."

Family is a big part of Loewen's life and the last kilometre he cycled to finish off the month of July ride he rode with all the grandkids, to cross the finish line together.

It's OFFICIAL! Today we received confirmation from Guinness World Records that the evidence we submitted for my July...

Posted by Arvid Loewen, Cycling Philanthropist on Thursday, February 18, 2021

After a huge event like this past July, riding a bicycle each day for 30 days straight, Loewen has taken time off, only cycling if it's with his wife or grandkids for pleasure. 

"In December I started to train again for this coming year. At my age it doesn't get easier," says Loewen who is in his 60s.

While he wouldn't say what the next event is, he mentioned there are two possibilities which he will announce in the coming weeks to the public. Loewen trains inside to stay safe during the winter months rather than on icy or snowy roads. 

"It's not so much a plan as to what would I like to do from a cycling point of view. My plan is always 'How can I leverage to be able to get my message out, to share what's on my heart about the kids we're helping with it.'"

Each cycling event has been an effort to raise funds for Mully's Childrens Family organization that helps raise orphans in Kenya. This reason for cycling is what keeps him going when the ride gets difficult.

"You have to have a reason that is bigger than your own personal wanting to challenge yourself or accomplish something. To do it at the level that I'm doing it, I would not be able to be that committed to the training, preparation, any of that if it was simply to get a Guinness World Record."