A social media influencer and friend of Maverick City Music posted a short mashup of the band's song alongside pop artist Beyoncé's song, which garnered over 4,000 comments. 

One week ago social media influencer Jamison Bethea posted a mashup of Maverick City's song 'Rest On Us' with Beyoncé's song 'Halo.' 

The Instagram post had thousands of people commenting, many people wondering if Maverick City Music was hinting at a collaboration with the singer. 


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The overflowing comments included the fire emoji from people who enjoyed it, as well as comments from people that were concerned, saying things like, 'This is disappointing,' or 'Nope!' While Beyoncé started her singing career in a church, a recent single from her new album Renaissance titled 'Church Girl' is filled with references of sexualized dancing and body parts.

The worship band led by Brandon Lake and Chandler Moore made their stance clear in a comment. 

"Maverick City hasn't lost its way, we have no songs that compromise the Gospel or word of God," says Maverick City on Instagram. "We don't support or preach false doctrine, and we are not currently collaborating with Beyoncé. We are, however, supporting our brother Jamison Bethea and his musical genius, and we are praying for his family. We will continue to adhere to the Great Commission given to all of us."

After the initial post, Bethea clarified the mashup. 

"Not an official collaboration. This was not commissioned by Maverick City Music. Y’all that know the words of prayer send one up for the Bethea and Barnes families."