A Catholic church in Myanmar was shelled by the Burma military this week, less than a week after a young man volunteering at a Catholic seminary was reportedly killed during a military raid.

The Church of Mary Queen of Peace in Daw Ngan Kha in Kayah State was a place of refuge for many displaced people, the Christian Post reports. The church was bombarded last Sunday.

No casualties were reported, as parishioners who were sheltering inside the the church fled when they learned the attack was imminent. Despite a lack of injuries, damage was done to the church's walls and windows, and some nearby homes were also impacted.

It appears the church selling was deliberate. The church's location is on a large compound, visible on a busy street.

The church is the latest in a series of churches that have been shelled, reportedly by Burmese military forces, as part of the ongoing violence in the area.

Four people were killed and eight were injured during a different church attack last month in the same state, following other brutal attacks.

Three people, including a pastor, were beaten two days prior to the attack by military forces during a raid of a Baptist church in Yangon.

Violence from the Burmese military is directed towards pro-democracy groups and has intensified since the country's military coup in February 2021.

Many now seek shelter in churches, seminaries, and convents, having lost their own homes. The high populations of displaced peoples in these buildings have made them tragets for military attacks, International Christian Concern reports.

Some attacks have appeared random, but the military has been known to target young people in efforts to stem the pro-democracy resistance. Between Feb. 15 and May 15, Asia news reported 73 deaths of people under the age of 18.

The coup has led to violent protests and resistance throughout Myanmar.