The Museum of the Bible recently celebrated its 5th-anniversary gala and recognized ministries with global impact. 

One of the recipients of the museum's Pillar Award was the TV series The Chosen

The creator and director of the series, Dallas Jenkins, received the award at the event. 

The Pillar Award has three categories with The Chosen winning in the 'Impact' category. 

"One of the things we really wanted is for people not to see this as a substitute for Scripture or for going to church and listening to sermons and studying,” says Jenkins. “We really want it to drive them back to the Bible and back to church, and we're hearing from a lot of people who say that's happening for them.”

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In Pillar's 'Narrative' category, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) took home the award. In the final Pillar category under 'History', Wycliffe Bible Translators President John Chesnut won the award.

The Chosen, produced by Angel Studios, was first released in 2019. With two seasons available and the third coming out shortly, the TV series has garnered acclaim as well as had roughly 350 million views worldwide.

The Museum of the Bible opened in November of 2017 and is located in Washington, D.C.