The Christian TV series that portrays the life of Jesus Christ and his relatable followers will be able to reach even further around the world thanks to a new ministry partnership. 

The Chosen TV series has been available for viewing on its own app since its inception. The crowd-funded project initially had four episodes lined up and walked in faith for the rest. As of November 18, they have released the beginning of Season 3. 

Today they are partnering up with Come and See Foundation, the company that owns The Chosen App, to translate the show into 600 languages to reach even more people. 

"This new partnership with Come and See supercharges our efforts," says Dallas Jenkins, creator, and director of The Chosen. "We're able to produce episodes bigger and faster, get them translated into more languages, and market the show on a scale previously impossible."

The third season, episodes one and two, were just released in North America at participating theatres and will be able to view on the app on December 11. 

According to their release, their goal is to dub the series into 100 languages and subtitled into 500 more. Right now season one is available in 12 languages and it has subtitles for 62 languages. 

"The Chosen is such a dynamic and powerful story," says CEO Stan Jantz of Come and See Foundation. "With the formation of the Come and See Foundation, our plan is to take The Chosen around the world, reaching much of the World’s population so they are able to experience Jesus in their native tongue.”

To date, the show has been viewed worldwide over 420 million times. The Chosen is set up to create and release seven seasons and their aim is to reach one billion people with the story of Jesus on earth with his followers.