Christian artist Matt Maher was inspired to write a song after watching The Chosen during the pandemic, and now he is releasing a music video from the set of the show. 

"Halfway through the pandemic I wrote a song with Judah Lee, inspired by the first episode of The Chosen," says Maher in a video on social media. "I ended up showing the demo to Dallas (creator, director and co-writer of the TV series). As the conversation developed, it turned into him proposing we make a music video."

Episodes one and two of Season 3 of the Christian TV series was just released across North America in movie theatres and it smashed box office records coming in at No. 3 on the opening weekend. 

"I think the video captures the heart of the song, which in turn hopefully captures the heart of the show, which hopefully captures the heart of the gospel," says Maher. 

Previously The Chosen was available for viewing from its own app or on YouTube. As of November 23, season one is available on Netflix. 

Maher, along with Crowder, Jordan St. Cyr, and Katy Nichole, is hitting the road for a Christmas tour across the U.S.A this December.