This week's good news stories are loaded with acts of kindness and generosity, revivals, and milestones. 

Six medals for Team Toba heading into final day of week one

Week one of competition ends today at the 2023 Canada Winter Games in Prince Edward Island.

Team Toba will face Quebec in the bronze medal game in wheelchair basketball. Manitoba fell 70-41 to BC in the semifinal.

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40 blankets made with love donated to Ukrainian refugees

A group of ladies from Steinbach Mennonite Brethren Church who call themselves the sew ‘n sews, have made quilts for the Ukrainian refugees in our community. 

An 80-year-old woman from Swan River donated her quilt tops to the sew ‘n sews requesting they go toward the Ukraine settlement families. 

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Little, sustainable homes being built by Christian organizations in Turkey

With roughly 20 million people in Turkey affected by the recent devastating earthquakes, one Christian group is meeting the important need for long-term shelter. 

Operation Blessing is on the ground in Hatay, Turkey helping build homes that should last for up to a decade out of plywood. 

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Get 'Into the Cold' to help others stay warm

The Main Street Project is hoping to reach $35,000 in their activity-based fundraiser in support of the people who have had to endure the blistering cold Manitoba weather without shelter.

Main Street Project's (MSP) "Into the Cold" is a do-it-yourself outdoor exercise fundraising event where participants can walk, run, cycle, ski or do any other outdoor activity to raise funds, get exercise and have fun with others. 

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After 'revival' at Asbury, more youth hungry for God

A Barna study released on February 1st reveals 77 per cent of Generation Z teens are motivated to learn about Jesus Christ in their lifetime.

One week after this report came out, 'spiritual revival' broke out at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky.

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Steven Curtis Chapman first Christian artist to hit record-breaking milestone

This week 'Don't Lose Heart' hit the top of the charts, making Steven Curtis Chapman a history maker. 

Chapman is the first-ever Christian artist with 50 singles that have reached the number-one spot on the music charts.

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Crazy joy: Finding wild happiness in a world that's upside down

Mary Katherine Backstrom is best known for her viral videos, candid writing and laughter. What most people often forget is that underneath all of that, MK struggles with multiple diagnoses of mental health, including anxiety and depression. 

"I am somewhat known for my hysterical laughter and silly, lighthearted antics, and so I have often gotten the question and the comments on my Facebook page and social media asking, how are you so happy all the time? And this book that I've written, Crazy Joy, is an answer to that question because it was bothering me."

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9-year-old boy raises funds for school mate with brain tumour

What started as a kind gesture from 9-year-old Charlie from Ste. Agathe has turned into something incredible that is helping an entire family. 

Maddox Just is a 12-year-old boy from Morris, Manitoba, who's faced some tough health conditions in the past few years. 

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Finding rest: Better understanding yourself, God and the tools to combat mental health disorders

Mental health disorders have increased following the COVID-19 pandemic, and those within the Church are not immune.

A 2022 Lifeway Research study found that 54% of the pastors said they “have known at least one church member who has been diagnosed with a severe mental illness such as clinical depression, bipolar or schizophrenia.” Further, 26% of pastors said they have personally struggled with some type of mental illness. 

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Christian artist never doubted God through loss and grief

Matt Harward is a husband, a father, a teacher, an artist and an inspiration to those who hear his story of strength, perseverance and faith.

He lives and teaches in Huntington Beach, California and nothing could prepare him for the challenge the past eight years have brought.

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Friends from Adult & Teen Challenge release song about freedom in Jesus

Three men turned friends that met through the Adult & Teen Challenge are releasing their first hip-hop single titled 'I'm Free.'

"I had a passion for rap and hip-hop, music and singing, but felt like I long lost that fire," says Donald James, one of the men that raps on the new song. "I was at a Teen Challenge event where Lorne was performing a song. The way he performed, the Holy Spirit came on me so strongly, it reignited a fire in my heart, listening to him."

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40 Christian children nearly kidnapped in Uganda, if not for police and pastor's intuition

A Ugandan man posing as a Christian leader lured 40 children to a hotel where he planned on trafficking them to a neighbouring African country. 

Police in Uganda have arrested and charged two people so far with the kidnapping of 40 Christian children lured by a Muslim posing as the leader of a Christian charity offering free education, according to news sources

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How a professional counsellor found freedom from anxiety and depression

Depression manifests itself in many ways, such as fatigue, persistent sadness, loss of interest in daily activities, and the inability to focus or leave home.

Jenita Pace, a licensed professional counsellor (LPC) and pastor’s wife, experienced battles with depression and anxiety that left her personal life on the brink.

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Winnipeg mom teaches daughters importance of giving back

Overcoming addiction to stay with her children, a local mom shares her testimony of breaking stereotypes, helping her community and showing the joys of life to her little girls.

About one year ago, Amaya Boubard started taking her daughters Delilah (7) and Gabrielle Lewis (5) on community walks along Main Street in Winnipeg. Gabrielle goes with her mom on Tuesdays and Delilah on Thursdays; some days Boubard brings both girls but not often due to their energetic tendencies to go in opposite directions.

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Support continues to outpour for two young Morris boys' fundraiser

The generosity continues to flow in for a young boy from Morris facing health challenges. 

After facing grand mal seizures for two years, eleven-year-old Maddox Just and his family received news that he has a brain tumour. It is approximately the size of a walnut and is on the top left side of his brain.   

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Collaboration album with Fresh IE and One8Tea released for 'Such a Time as This'

East Coast meets central Canada on the collaborative Christian hip-hop album between Fresh I.E. and One8Tea.

Robert Wilson, mostly known as Fresh I.E., and Teah, A.K.A One8Tea, have been friends for a long time. While they've been talking about a collaboration album for years, they're finally releasing one on Friday, March 3, called For Such a Time as This

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Amy Grant releasing new music for first time in a decade

It's been 10 years since Christian artist Amy Grant released a new song on her own and now she's getting ready to share new music. 

Last year Grant had a terrible cycling accident that knocked her unconscious for 10 minutes and caused memory loss. It took her months to recover and the singer shared that this was the first time since she stepped into the Christian music scene spotlight that she had nothing on her calendar as she recovered. 

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RCMP officer with one kidney cycles to raise funds for 19-year-old battling kidney disease

Ben Harder will be leaning on God as he heads out on a 983-kilometre bike ride this weekend to bless his friend's son, who needs a new kidney.

Harder, an RCMP officer in Northern Manitoba, felt called to go on this adventure after donating a kidney to his brother, who also struggled with kidney disease. 

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