Manitoba's summer heat was contrasted by a cool grandpa breaking the Guinness World Record for longest distanced cycled in a month, Gimli's residents became a "fishfly" on the wall, and more.

63-year-old Winnipeg man breaks the Guinness World Record for longest distanced cycled in a month

arvid loewen

A Winnipeg grandfather has cycled over the initial "finish line," breaking the Guinness World Record this Wednesday evening for the longest distance cycled in a month (30 days).

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Eyes to the sky: comet appearing tonight by Big Dipper

(Written by Shannon Dueck)

According to Ken McAllister, a comet is a large, icy rock that is orbiting the sun. The Neowise comet had been getting closer and closer to earth. McAllister says earlier in July it was visible in the mornings.

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John Crist breaks silence: 'The most embarrassing part of this whole thing is the biggest hypocrite was me'

Christian comedian John Crist is speaking out after months of silence following accusations of sexual misconduct in late 2019. In a video posted to his social media accounts, Crist says that over eight months of internet silence has "felt like forever."

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Tenth Avenue North member speaks out about having COVID-19

Mike Donehey contracted COVID-19 and spoke about it on his Instagram page with a video. He says there are two extreme sides of thought when it comes to the virus. One group is petrified and don't ever want to leave their house. The other extreme thoughts are those who believe it's a conspiracy and that the virus isn't real. 

Donehey says, "No, it's real. I got it and let me tell you about it."

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Kanye West releases new faith-based song, announces new album 'God's Country'

(CJ Rhodes DMin/Facebook)(CJ Rhodes DMin/Facebook)

Musician Kanye West doesn't seem to be slowing down in his pursuit of the Lord. New music released by the artist continues with his recent theme of Gospel and Christ-centred musical content.

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Poor Christians in China told to replace religious symbols with government portraits

Persecution against Chines Christians has reached a new level.

Christian villagers have been ordered by the Chinese government to renounce their faith and instead worship the country's communist government leaders.

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Honouring the memory of Gerhard Reimer-Wiebe

Friend and pastor to murder victim Gerhard Reimer-Wiebe (AKA George), remembers a kind-hearted young man.

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Gimli overtaken by fishflies

The COVID-19 pandemic is not stopping fishflies in Gimli from gathering by the thousands.

Each year, the RM of Gimli is overtaken for several days by fishflies. Residents and visitors note that the town becomes covered by the insects for a short time.

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