For three days we heard incredible stories of people coming to Siloam Mission and experiencing change in their lives because of the love and dignity they're shown there.

Despite an ongoing pandemic and many people still experiencing financial hardships, the phone lines immediately began ringing for the annual Change Happens radiothon in support of Siloam Mission, and they never stopped ringing ... right up to the final minute.

At 6:29 p.m., just as CHVN was preparing to sign off, the phone rang once more, and word came from Siloam to hang on a little longer as the operator took "a different phone call."

At the time the radiothon was already at an amazing total of $129,180.90 with a few more donations trickling in online. 

The last minute callers, however, said they had a special gift. They wanted to simply be known as "an anonymous Christian family." And, they said, they would match every single dollar and cent raised ... 

That's right. The family donated $130,000.00

With more donations trickling in online it's safe to officially say that Change Happens 2020 raised a total of $260,000

The best part? If you missed your chance, you can still donate online: CLICK HERE TO DONATE

We at CHVN 95.1 FM cannot begin to express our thanks. Time and time again we ask you to step up to support important ministries in Winnipeg and Manitoba, and time and time again you answer the call. Most of all, we know, it is our amazing God that cares for each of our needs. We give thanks to Him, and to you!