A few days after being nominated for his first-ever Juno award, Jordan St. Cyr shares what this means and where he's headed in 2023. 

"This is such a crazy, full-circle moment," says St. Cyr. "It was close to 17 years ago when I met my future wife for the first time. Our first date was the next week and we went to JUNOfest. It's surreal."

St. Cyr was nominated for Best Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album alongside other artists who came from Winnipeg, Love & the Outcome. 

"Growing up in the Winnipeg music scene, the Juno's were always the culmination, the light at the end of the tunnel. To finally have found my voice and the things I long to sing about and to be nominated in this way, it feels like God honouring this journey. I'm grateful to be a part of this group of artists."

The Juno Awards are being held in Edmonton, Alberta this year on March 13 at 7:00 p.m. at Rogers Place.

"The awards show is on a Monday and the day before I'm playing a show in Massachusetts on the Colton Dixon Build a Boat tour. If we can work it out, my wife and I will meet there for the awards show."

The Juno Awards offer one category for Christian musicians.

"We've got Dan Bremnes who's obviously been around for awhile. Love & the Outcome who's from Winnipeg. Then there's Daniel Ojo and Tehillah Worship from Calgary. This is good quality Canadian company that we're in."

Plans for 2023

St. Cyr released his self-titled album on March 4, 2022. Now he's working on a new album. 

"I'm so excited! We went back in the studio and recorded the first five songs on the next album. I'll be writing for the rest of February before we go on tour in early March for the Build a Boat tour. What I'm most excited about is releasing another radio single that should be, likely end of March."

The new album will be released later this year, but St. Cyr doesn't have a date yet as to when. 

"We're just in such a good, healthy place. God has been so faithful. The prayers of his people, I feel, in so many ways have been answered in our little girl's life. She's doing so well. It's just been an answer to prayer."