A company in India is working tirelessly to get free oxygen to those who need it as the country continues to struggle against a new wave of COVID-19 infections.

Reliance Industries is not usually a medical-grade liquid oxygen manufacturer, but demands due to the coronavirus have made some changes to the company, Good News Network reports.

The company, which is owned by India's richest man, has now become the nation's largest produce of medical-grade liquid oxygen since March 2020.

Mukesh Ambani's refinery-cum-petrochemical complex located in Jamnagar, as well as other facilities, produces more than 1000 MT of the liquid oxygen daily, accounting for more than 11 per cent of India's total production.

"Nothing is more important that saving every life as India battles against a new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic," Ambani says in a statement.

The resource has been helping nearly 1 in every 10 patients needing the treatment.

The main facility used was not difficult to transition into a creator of high-purity oxygen, as it was already designed to refine petrochemicals-grade oxygen. The process, however, remains a tricky one, requiring the production of the substance in liquid form to be done at 183 degrees Celcius with almost 99.5 per cent purity.

The process is a challenge and carries risk. Abani, however, is proud of his staff.

"I am proud of our engineers at Jamnagar who have worked tirelessly, with a great sense of patriotic urgency, to meet this new challenge," he says.

"(They've) risen to the occasion and delivered when India needs it most."