LedeFrom random acts of kindness throughout Manitoba, to the Olympics, to local artists sharing new work, here are your good news stories this week.

Carine Bado releases single 'Love Story' from upcoming EP

A single mom is hoping to encourage others after returning to what she enjoys the most, writing music.

Carine Bado is a worship leader in Winnipeg, but also a Christian artist. The inspiration for her first single, 'Love Story', off her upcoming album, was inspired by her son.

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Overdose Awareness handing out kindness bags in memory of loved ones

On July 27, the day of The Kindness Project, a local organization will hand out bags to those in need.

Rebecca Rummery is the co-founder of Overdose Awareness MB. Her boyfriend passed away due to an overdose.

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Fighting global hunger, one jar at a time

After a record year of fundraising for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB), a woman from the Landmark area has decided to continue with her annual canning drive to help end global hunger.

Linden resident Deb Loewen says the annual canning drive started “accidentally” when their apple trees and grapevines grew way more fruit than her family could possibly eat.

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Manitoba sees lowest new COVID case count since early September

Winnipeg's five-day COVID-19 test positivity rate is less than two per cent.

As of Monday morning, there were 103 new COVID-19 cases throughout the weekend and Monday. This includes 62 cases on Saturday, 30 cases on Sunday, and 11 cases Monday.

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Athletes in Action hosting a prayer journey for Olympic participants

Every day during the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, a Christian group is inviting people to join them in prayer over countries and their athletes.

Athletes in Action (AIA) along with Jesus Film Project are inviting Christians to join them in praying over nations and athletes during the Olympics. 

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Family hoping to give back with full HEART in the midst of grief

Just two months after his death, the family of Daryll Fenton is looking to give back to the organization that helped them in the midst of an unimaginable tragedy.

Daryll Fenton, 68, was fishing with his wife, Els, in southeastern Manitoba on May 29 when he fell off the front of his boat after it unexpectedly jerked forward. The couple had just purchased the boat and Els was unfamiliar with how to operate it. Rough weather was making the task even more difficult.

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Transporting help, hope, and healing around the world

A missions organization takes to the sky flying to remote locations sharing tangible and spiritual hope for locals.

Brad Bell is the CEO for the Canadian office of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). 

"We're a bit unique as we use small aircrafts in over 30 countries to bring help, hope, and healing to isolated people. We are all about reaching people with medical aid, food aid, and helping missionaries get to very isolated people," says Bell. 

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Shawn Mendes professes going from atheist to believer in God

Canadian pop icon Shawn Mendes recently shared his heart and faith journey during a podcast in which he talks about the power of a Maverick City Music song.  

Mendes was on the podcast called Man Enough when he shared his experience after becoming famous from hit single after hit single.

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Northern dogs safe after being airlifted out of community in crisis

A Tuesday flight may have had the furriest passengers a St. Andrews airport has ever seen.

Close to two weeks ago, Pauingassi First Nation, a community approximately 280 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg was evacuated due to wildfires. Custom Helicopters offered Manitoba Animal Alliance their services, free of charge, to evacuate the animals left behind. Melanie Chudyk, a volunteer coordinator with Manitoba Animal Alliance, says when they arrived they were immediately greeted by the dogs left behind.

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Planted during the pandemic, local house church celebrating one year

Through the power of technology, a local church is blessing Christians in Winnipeg and Vietnam. 

Tony Huynh is the founder of New Hope Vietnamese Church in Winnipeg. He was born in Vietnam but since came to Canada as a refugee in 1979. 

"July 26, 2020, is the first time we got together. What we did is because we were small we got together in my house for the first time," says Huynh.

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Small town offers fun 'Do-It-Yourself' VBS for local kids

A church in rural Manitoba has turned the church's playground into a Bible safari this summer for the kids. 

Anola, Man. is located 24 kilometres east of Winnipeg. Joanell Wichers is a long-standing volunteer at Anola Fellowship Chapel and the director of their Vacation Bible School (VBS). 

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Continuing a legacy of giving

A high school graduate is hoping to keep her grandfather's legacy of kindness alive by continuing to give bouquets of flowers to strangers.

Jory Giesbrecht is the granddaughter of Kim Morfoot, the man who kept his wife's memory alive by randomly giving away bouquets of flowers here in Winnipeg since her passing in 2017. Now, he finds himself unable to continue this act of kindness. 

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'God was with me': Terrorist attack survivor shares story of hope and faith

When a bomb detonated at the Brussels Zaventem airport in 2016, Janet Winston-Young assumed she would be among the dozens of people killed. Yet, in the midst of the chaos, terror, and the very real possibility of dying, she says she felt complete peace.

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Hair cuts with care, changing lives of the most vulnerable

A volunteer hairdresser is seeing lives changed when she cuts hair for people experiencing homelessness.

People experiencing homelessness, or even in a transition period in their lives often cannot afford to pay for a haircut. 

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WATCH: Bloopers from The Chosen season 2 will put a smile on your face

Jesus approaches Matthew in the middle of the night and a train horn begins to blast in the background. It's just one of the funny moments not found in Scripture but in a blooper reel from The Chosen TV show.

Season two of the popular show has had millions of people watching the words of Jesus come to life in a new way. Now they can also take in a bit of the lighter side.

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Joy Smith's daughter taking over as new president of foundation

After a trying year of battling cancer, the new CEO of the Joy Smith Foundation is ready to take the reigns.

Janet Campbell is the new CEO and President of the Joy Smith Foundation, taking over the role of her mother, Joy Smith.

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Skål! Icelandic Festival welcoming people back for its 132nd year

Manitobans can enjoy a popular festival in person this year in Gimli.

Having people back in person is the "Rúsínan í Pylsuendanum" - raisins on the tail of a hot dog, or the cherry on top, for the  Icelandic Festival. After the previous year of purely remote events, "Islendingadagurinn" is ready for visitors. 

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